Move Joomla Installation

1.   Copy all the files from your test location. Simply download your Joomla site files and directories (you should keep the directory structure intact) to your desktop using your favorite ftp software (mine is "Filezilla")

2.   Create a brand new database on your new site server. To do that you should go to your Cpanel and create a brand new database with a name of your choice.  Once you've created your new database, please create a new database username and add it to the database you have created during the previous step. Give the user ALL privilages.

3.   Edit the configuration.php file from step 1, to reflect the new server and database - these are the entries I had to change;

var $log_path = '/home/username/public_html/logs';
var $tmp_path = '/home/username/public_html/tmp';
var $host = 'localhost';
var $user = 'username_
var $db = 'username_
var $password = 'mysqluserpassword';

4.   Follow these steps carefully - I skimmed through it and had to backtrack when the import did not work. From the Cpanel using the phpMyadmin tool to backup your test database: First choose your database from the left menu. Then click the Exporttab. Select all the tables, check Add DROP TABLE and Save as file. Leave all other options untouched. Finally click on Go and the database dump will be downloaded to your desktop.

5.   Again from the Cpanel and usin phpMyadmin restore (import) your saved database into the newly created one. First choose the database you'll be restoring from the left menu. Then click the Import tab. You have the option of importing a .sql file. Use the “Browse” button to find it on your desktop and then click “Go” at the bottom.

If you have correctly followed the instructions mentioned above you should be able to see your Joomla site.