BeanBox Web...

We would like to help West Michigan businesses implement a website using an award winning content management system (we specialize in Joomla and Wordpress).

Our goal is to help you incorporate some of the latest web trends:

orange arrowGood web content - most of that is up to you

orange arrowMinimal Javascript

orange arrowWeb sites that are easy to implement and maintain - with a CMS you can add and edit content from any web browser!

orange arrowEasy navigation and accessibility

orange arrowFast loading site

orange arrowSimple, for the most part , tableless web compliant designs

orange arrowIncorporate all of the best Search engine optimization practices


We are currently developing our expertise by:

orange arrowCreating custom templates and themes

orange arrowEvaluating and testing the best extensions and plugins

orange arrowWriting articles with all of our findings

orange arrowGenerating SEO best practices